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Monica Wilkinson - @ciberch

{'tagline' : 'Passionate, Dreamer, Problem Solver'}

Many people describe themselves by listing links to the services they use. I prefer to describe myself by showing you what I do and what I think.



SFO -> AUS -> NYC -> CDG

Web & API Development

Ruby, Node.js, HTML 5

Activity Streams

And other open standards: OAuth2, PubSubHubbub, PoCo


Cloud Foundry Reusable Presos

Sinatra App which uses the showcase gem to convert markdown to HTML5 slides

Cloud Foundry Docs

Sinatra App built using nanoc gem which converts gfm(markdown) to docs

Cloud Foundry Main Website

Main website for Cloud Foundry Users

Activity Streams Node Boilerplate Template

Activity Stream Client in Node.js which allows you to create and filter streams


Do What you Love

You owe it to yourself.

Just Do It

Ship It. Don't be afraid to iterate in the open. Inspire others.

Connect the dots

Help build the programmable web. Expose Web Hooks. Build integrations. Map.Transform.